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Affiliated is a coalition of students working to sustain a better LGBTQ-inclusive culture within the Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups (FSILGs) at MIT. Be your thing, whether its some combination of fraternity life and drag shows or clubbing with friends or copious amounts of baked goods or just getting off campus. You are welcome here.


At the 2015 LBGT Community Leadership Conference in Provincetown, never before was there such a collection of queer members from MIT’s FSILG community. One of the key initiatives of the year was to focus on supporting the intersection of the FSILG and LBGTQ communities. Simultaneously, different LBGT-identified students in FSILGs started looking for people who they could closely relate to outside of their houses. By October, the two motions crossed paths and unified.

From there, we started working on what started off as the Lambda Gamma Beta Theta (LBGT) Alliance. We refined our purpose to unify students at the intersection of the FSILG and LBGTQ communities at MIT. Later, in a meeting with representatives from LBGT Alliance, the FSILG Office, and the Rainbow Lounge the name “Affiliated” came up and it caught on.

Thanks to support from the Everett Moore Baker Memorial Foundation, we hosted our first campus-wide event Being Affiliated on Monday, April 25, 2016. This event, which was one of the core expectations of the former LBGT Alliance, is intended to raise awareness around the experiences of affiliated LBGTQ students to inform better allyship and to also act as a sample of what the community within affiliated can offer. Over 60 students attended and we are happy to see the future. We hope that this event be launching point for a new spirit of inclusivity to spread throughout the FSILG community.

We became an MIT ASA official group in June 2016.